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Will My Web Designer Create Content For Me?

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When it comes to the content of your website, it can be compared to the words of your employee when your store or office will be visited by a consumer. How you or your employee will be able to sell to your visitor and turn him into your customer. If your visitor went out to browse several stores and needs help deciding what to buy, you should make him choose you from all the stores he visited, even if you are the first store he visited you should be able to give him so much value of your product or service in its lifetime that your visitor would not want to continue to visits other stores.
To do that, you need to know your audience very well, that is, what their desires, their fears are, what they would like to achieve in their life, why they need your product, how your product will help them in their lives, the way they think and so on. All to be able to sell the service or product and to help him in his life.
So since your site needs to sell 24/7 instead of you, the content on the site needs to be as well-composed as possible, and you will convince your visitor to buy from you.
So to the question Does the web designer need to take care of the content? The answer is YES, but together with the owner of the business.

Website content

There are two mistakes you can make regarding the content of your website.
The first mistake is to let others write the content, and on the other hand, you know your business best.
And the second mistake is that you are so confident that you know your business, and you want to be the one who will compose the content.
The most effective way for your content to sell is when you and your web design agency are constantly online and together create the content.
Why is that best?
Because, YES you are the one who knows your business best and needs every possible information you have about your business, your goals, your target audience, your products or services, etc. to give to your web designer, and the Designer should to compile the order of that content and its additional research to supplement or modify everything to increase your sales or visits to your office through your website.

Sometimes owners think they are doing too well for their business and target audience without doing good research.
That’s why digital agencies are here to do in-depth research on your target group and find words, designs, and ways with which they will convey the message to your visitors so well that they will choose you over everyone else.

For example.
You think that on the first page there should be a certain image and serious text, but still the experience of your web agency and their in-depth research shows that your target group takes more action if they see a video and more entertaining text.
Our advice is to listen to them, normally if the agency itself has a team and knows exactly what it is doing, because at the end of the day you want your business to grow, and so do your profits, and they are definitely in the game to help you do that.

For example, you think that the first section should immediately follow the prices of your services, but the web designer thinks that you first need to convince visitors why they are doing this, e.g. whether it will be facts or your achievements or maybe the partners you work with and so on. And even after that comes the prices.
So the designer needs to know exactly what your target audience wants to see and hear so that the whole content and its order can be put them together so well that your visitor can simply say “This is what I was looking for”.

Also, if you need some picture or video design, the agency should come forward and help you.
In some agencies it is charged additionally, in some it is included in the package, and some does not offer content services at all or designing images and videos for your site.
If the agency wants to help you, the best option is to have all these services included in the package.
The bottom line in this blog post is that there is no specific answer as to whether you or your web designer should create the content, the only answer is that the agency and the business owner need to come together and make content that will sell, of course, all of that should be well designed by the designers and you will get a website that you can be proud of.

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