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Why Do I Need a Web Designer?

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So let's start with the basics of digitalization.

Whatever business you own, having a Website for your business is the most important thing because as many as 97% of people find out about companies online.
Many business owners neglect the part about the website for their business, many of them are aware that owning a website is important, but they do not attach much importance to it.
For example, many of them try to save in this part and try to either do it themselves or pay a minimal price to hire someone else to do it for them. In both cases, however, the results are disappointing.
Owners think that their website is solid and good enough, but their potential customers do not think so.
You think that a website that you can create on your own is enough, but consumers do not share  hat opinion with you. And if you want your business to succeed, you have to listen to their needs. Your website should sell instead of you. That is, what opinion the visitor of your website will form and what experience you will prepare for him or her from his or her entry to his or her exit, is of great importance whether he/she will decide to choose the product that you have or will go to your competition.
And some agencies simply enjoy creating websites that offer a wonderful experience that sells. For example, you have good social media profiles, you run ads and get your visitors to come to your website, or they just found your brand online and decided to give you a chance, but when visitors come, but when they arrive at your website, if it is not well created, you lose more than half of your future customers.

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Do you know that visitors need 0.5 seconds to form an opinion about your website, ie whether they will stay or go to your competitor?
They also form this opinion once your website is fully loaded. Here comes the question of how fast your website is loading.
If your website loads for more than 3 seconds, you lose almost 50% of your potential customers.
I think we will agree that this sounds scary. Once the website is loaded, you should give your visitor a first impression, because he/she has to decide whether to give you a chance or not.
The alignment of the elements, the alignment of the colors, the first text, whether there will be a good background image or video, what kind of call to action button it will have, and whether it will be attractive enough to press, the text should tell what your business will help him/her, and at the same time be short and precise enough.
To bring all this to a perfect state, which will give your visitor a great first impression, web designers and web design agencies are researching what would attract your future visitors enough to get in touch with you or buy from you.

Web Designer

Okay, let’s say these things are good and the visitor gives you a chance. And first, he/she starts reading the main headline and watching the video or image, and creates an opinion about your brand.
Whether your brand will solve his/her problem or need and make his/her life easier, that is, whether he or she will start to trust you depends on that part. As soon as he/she starts to trust you, he/she continues to research your homepage and looks at other pages on your site.

Every page and every single part of that page, every button should be composed so that the visitor on your page is convinced and decides to buy or visit your store/office space. The visitor may come from a mobile or tablet on your website which is over 68% of the time and your website is either not responsive at all or some bugs appear, and it creates a bad opinion not only of your website but also of your brand as a whole. The simpler the way you allow a visitor to get in touch with you or buy from you, the better the chances of the visitor turning into a customer.
For example, you have a phone number on the page but the visitor can not immediately click on it, so he is forced to copy or write down the number by number, which takes time and creates tension. And even 50% will give up doing it. This is an example of a trifle, in the process, there are hundreds of such trifles that need to be kept in mind.
That’s why agencies hire professionals from every part. To research what your customers want to see, what they want to hear, what will make them buy, prepare the design, improve the performance like speed, responsiveness, prepare it to be SEO Friendly ( To ranked by Google for a particular topic (for example Best Dentist in Chicago)), to write good content that sells, and many other things. For all this, the agencies hire professionals and bring them together in one place to create a website for your business that will turn visitors into customers. Make sure you have a quality website before presenting your business to the public.


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