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What Your Business Misses by Not Having a Website

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If your business does not yet have a website, this blog post is your panic key and I think you need to understand how much you and your business lose if you do not own a website.
Our advice is to take the job seriously and immediately find a web design agency and start preparing a website for your business.
Here are two short videos that will illustrate how much a company loses if
does not own a Website.

Many people nowadays neglect the importance of having a quality website, ie in the list of priorities of their business, they put website ownership even at the bottom, and here they make the biggest mistake because they are not aware
how many opportunities, benefits and new customers do they lose if they do not have a website, or if they have a bad website.

A website represents the identity and credibility of a company. The website works instead of you 24/7, so if you do not own a website, you lose up to 80% of the customers you are not aware of yet, who instead of you go to your competition.

Imagine a man saw your office, passing by the office, but because he did not have time to stop, he remembered the name and when he got home he decided to look for you, but since he could not find you, Google as a smart search engine offered him
other companies in your industry or competitors.

Or did you know that 88% of people who search for a particular business, visit it in the next 24 hours?
For example. If anyone has searched a Dentist in Chicago or a Law Office near me and your company does not has appeared in Google results, normally it will click on the results which Google will present to him/her and he/she will visit in the next 24 hours the office of your competitor.

And now the question is if you hire an agency and already own a website, how long does it take you to get your website up and running in the first results of google?
The truth is that many other companies are fighting for the keywords you are fighting to get on the first page, but with a good digital agency and several years of active SEO work, your website will appear in the first results of Google.

During those years while your agency is working on SEO, it is best to hire the same agency to run ads on Google, so you appear on the first page for certain keywords. This strategy will increase the traffic to your website, however, your website needs to be ready to turn these visitors into your customers.
That means website speed, responsiveness for mobile and tablet, good design that will attract, call to action buttons, and content that will understand your target audience.
All of this will make your visitors trust you and get in touch with you or buy from you.

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