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Things To Tell Your Designer Before Starting A Project

Web Designer Project

If you are a business owner, you know that you need to create a website.
However, something even more important is to choose a good web designer, ie a good web design agency that will design the website of your business in the most professional way possible.
Before hiring an agency to make your website for you, make sure that the agency has a certified team working on the websites, that is, made by people who know what they are doing, and that they provide you with a short demo version of your website, to see how would look your website before you pay them to keep building your website.

So before the expert team starts building your website or the demo version of your website, it is very important to have a brief zoom meeting and tell them all the things that would help them to design the website in the best possible way.

Web Designer Project

Explain your business in a few sentences

What exactly do you do, what are you special about, how does your business help other people in their lives, what are the prices of your products or services, what makes you special, why customers would choose you? and so on…
Talk freely with the people from the agency, because only then they will be able to create a website that will meet your needs and the needs of your clients.

What do you want to achieve with your website

What are the goals that you want to achieve by owning this website? That is if you want to bring more customers to your office, maybe you want people to be able to make an appointment through your website, or you want to do more sales online and so on. You will freely tell them everything you sincerely want to achieve.

Maybe you already have a website but want a change

Maybe you have a website, but it is outdated or it does not achieve the results you want, or maybe you have an idea and you want to change and add some things, and so on.

What is your target audience?

That is, for whom exactly are your products or services intended?
For example, who exactly will use your product, whether they are men and women aged 25-50 or just women of a certain age, maybe it is for children living in a certain area, or for a much wider audience, or it is for people who are engaged in a certain provision, live in a certain place and use a certain type of service or product.
Of course, the agency will help you and do good research, but your opinion will help them do better research, ie where that audience is moving, what are their favorite things, what are their hobbies, what are they most afraid of, what are they doing in free time, biggest wishes and so on. All of this will help designers create a website that will get visitors to get in touch with you or buy from you.

What colors are on your brand logo?

Because these colors will build the whole website and all the other designs for your company. Because customers form an opinion about your website, and thus your brand in the first 0.5 seconds, and if the colors on your website do not match 50% of them will leave the website and go to your competitor’s website.

Websites that you like

It’s good for designers to know which websites you like the most, or roughly how you want your website to look. You will also mention them if you want specific features on your website.

Who are your biggest competitors?

Who are your biggest competitors is very important for the agency to be able to analyze their strengths and weaknesses, to be able to use your strengths and those things that make you different from them as bait for your next clients.

Completion date of your website

Here you talk and tell them how long it takes for your website to be completed, and together with the people in the agency, you agree on the final date. It’s good for the agency to know when you want the website to be ready, but if they think they need a few more days, let them know because they believe they know their job and want you to be happy.

If you have not yet chosen a business and you want to start something of your own, take a look at our recommendations, and we hope they will help you in your decision.


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