Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to users of the services of this website which is operated by Emanu Inc. In accordance with this Privacy Policy, Emanu Inc. uses and protects all information provided by users of this website.

Through this Privacy Policy Emanu Inc., is committed that your privacy is protected, i.e. the information that will be requested by us to be left as identification when using this website.

This privacy policy has been in effect since March 10, 2022. Emanu Inc. is authorized to change the privacy policy in accordance with the changes to the services we provide. This privacy policy applies to our website and the services we provide.


Collected information.

According to the above, the information requested by our users who visit and use our website refers to the following categories: full name of the user, contact information, category related to the phone number and email address, demographic information in whose category enters the address and zip code as well as the category for leaving a message to our employees about the interests and preferences of the user.


The purpose of the information collected.

The purpose of the information we collect is to get to know our customers better so that we can offer better services according to their requirements or to recognize them the next time when they use our website.

Other reasons why the information requested by the users who use the Emanu Inc. website are:

* security reasons of the website such as control and records relating to who logs in and uses our services

* to improve the quality of our services through promotional messages or various types of surveys that will be sent by us to you as users of our website through the contact information you provided when using our website.

* informing the users of our website in order to promote our new services.


Automatic Log Information.

Our site may automatically collect information upon logging in to the website and viewing content by the user. This category of information includes: The IP address through which the Internet device or local network is identified, the browser and its language, the date and time of browsing our website.



The purpose of the cookie is to show the server that certain users have returned to the Emanu website, ie the cookie is part of the website that is stored in the web browser. Our website uses cookies in order to identify which pages are used and thus provide a better website for our users, ie which websites are useful and which are not for our users. It is important to note that cookies do not give us access to your computer or your

information other than the information and data that you as Users have decided to share with us.

Accordingly, you can choose to use or decline cookies. But the advantage is that if you choose to use cookies you will enjoy all the benefits of our website.


Other web sites.

It is very important to understand that our site now or in the future can use links that if you click on them will take you to another website. But the moment you click on that link that will take you to another website, we have no control over another website. Consequently, we do not take any responsibility for the data we would provide on the other website nor are they subject to regulation by this Privacy Policy.


Changes in the Privacy Policy.

In the future, there may be changes to the Privacy Policy of the Emanu web site, so consequently such changes are not required in accordance with our users. In this regard, each of you as our user is obliged from time to time to check the Privacy Policy to see if you agree with the new changes.


Contact us.

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